Standard and special paper rolls for all branches of industry

Normal paper and card

medium-fine, wood-free, recycled, from 40 g/m2 - 250 g/m2, main types 60 g/m2. Colours: white, blue, yellow, green, pink. Thermo-sensitive paper and cardboard


Thermal printer, thermal labels, thermal fax, thermal high sensitive, thermal topcoat, thermal semi topcoat; from 45 g/m2 - 200 g/m2. 57 g/m2 also coloured: blue, yellow, green, pink. White thermal Duplo paper

Standard paper rolls

Customer-specific rolls

Self-adhesive labels


Intus or Action paper from 47 - 57 g/m2. Colours: white, yellow, pink
Black carbon copy paper, black reactive: top sheet CB, middle sheet CFB, bottom sheet CF Other paper colours: white, old gold, blue, yellow, green, pink

Ink-jet printer and thermal transfer paper

from 70 g/m2 - 140 g/m2, white and coloured security paper with watermarks, reagents, white, 95 g/m2 Other paper weights are also available on request

Electro-sensitive registration and metallised paper

from 40 - 80my thickness, with different film resistances

Other paper types

these include, for example, tissue paper, gummed paper, packaging paper, laser printer, offset and writing paper, hobby, glossy and art paper